Bill's Place in the Country is the home of William Brauch, and is located in Lebanon, Connecticut, U.S.A. This site is mostly about antique cars. On the following pages, you will find information on Auto Restoration, Our Antique Cars, Old Family Photos, and a page of family news. I hope you enjoy your visit.

My brother Mike has completed the re-restoration of my father's Model A Ford that my father and I restored in 1960.

1960 restoration>

Previous restoration from 1960.

2023 restoration

Current restoration 2023.

This web site is purposely made as a simple, easy to use web site that loads in a reasonable amount of time. While much of the country is now using high speed Internet access, many users are still restricted to dial-up connections due to their location. Because of that, the photos are of a moderate file size, and slow speed connections should see them without much delay. I first uploaded this web site to the Internet in 1995.

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When I first uploaded this web site to the internet in 1995 there was less than 100K domains. Now there are over a billion!

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